Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day Two

Today was, in many ways, better. I didn’t cry when I let my little man out of the van this time. In fact, I was actually kind of peeved that it took all the people so long to get their kids out of the cars so I could head on. We showed up at 7:20, got a place in the drop off lane, the school started taking kids at 7:30 and I was finally able to leave around 7:40. Fortunately, it turns out there are several of us teachers at the high school with Kindergarteners and none of us want to put our kids on a bus at 6:30 in the morning. The school is going to let us bring them to the HS campus where a bus will pick them up at 7:30 and cart them over. It’s nice being catered to. :)

From the gist of what he was saying , I think Harrison had to sit in The Chair again today. But when I asked if anyone else had to sit in it, he said they all did. So maybe mine’s not the only one not behaving. His friend from Oak Forest apparently hit him today, and so he retaliated and had to sit out for 10 minutes. This, of course, is all hearsay from a five year old, so, just like the Internet, you know it must all be true.

My eyes feel like they’re going to fall out, I’m so tired. The first week or so wears me out, but at least this year I’m not doing it pregnant. I know I’ll eventually snap back into place and figure it all out.

Off to sleep. Two days down, a whole butt pile more to go.

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