Monday, August 17, 2009

Nothing Gold Can Stay…

I wish I could say we did something spectacular today since it’s my last day before I have to go back to work and also my last day to spend with Harrison before he starts school. I mean, yeah, I’ll see him this weekend, but Robert and I are heading to Houston Saturday morning for my 15 year class reunion and will be coming back Sunday, probably arriving in the early afternoon. But as for all-day-long-just-me-and-the-boy days, this was it.

We just hung around the house, playing, reading and watching movies. Harrison’s started playing Restaurant lately. He’s got a “cash register” set up in his room, as well as his kitchen, stocked with a pretty decent variety of play food and dishes. He offers me the menu (that he drew) so I can select a cheeseburger and diet coke (the kid knows me!), keys in my order on his register (actually, an old Fisher Price toy that has slides and buttons that squeak when you push them—close enough!), and shows me the key pad where I am to scan my credit card. He then ‘cooks’ my order in the kitchen after washing his hands (money is filthy!) and brings it to me to eat. Good fun! :)

We’ve been reading a lot lately, too. He loved Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and now wants giant pancakes to fall from the sky. We’re looking forward to the movie that opens in theaters next month—I think he’ll really enjoy going to see it. He also read me The Berenstain Bears Play T-Ball today, almost entirely by himself. Out of 20-some-odd pages, I probably told him 10-12 words, and he had the rest of the book covered. His favorite, though, is Rhyming Dust Bunnies. He reads this one (all by himself!!!) over and over and over, laughing uproariously each time. I’ve got video of him reading it and will post it soon—just haven’t gotten around to extracting and internetifying it yet.

While he watched a little TV today, I was able to work on organizing my bookshelves, a job that I have been putting off for the entire summer. Some time last year, I got the paid membership at LibraryThing, which allows you to list as many books as you like on your ‘bookshelf.’ I had to get the paid membership because I have far too many books for the free membership (which only allows up to 200). I’ve got 744 books up there, y’all! It’s crazy, but as I’m going through these books, the vast majority of them I’m thinking, “Man, this was a good book!” or “Man, I wish I had time to read this one because it looks really good!” The few that I looked at and thought, “Why?” have been moved to my recycle pile to be listed on PaperBackSwap. I got through almost all of the non-fiction books today and plan to hit the fiction/drama/poetry ASAP.

(Yeah, I’m sorting my books via the Dewey Decimal System, because that’s the kind of dork I am. Incidentally, I learned a fun fact:  fiction and literature are actually located through out the DDS, but most libraries pull them out and set them up in their own section. Not one to buck the system, I have done the same thing. At least I own my Dorkdom.)

So tomorrow it’s back to the grind. Back to lesson plans (which I should have been typing today, but I played restaurant and read instead—sue me). Back to teenagers who don’t have the sense God gave a goat (not all of them, thankfully, but there are always a few who make me wonder just how many fries they are short of the proverbial Happy Meal). Back to getting up at 6 AM (yay coffee!!!!).

Good bye, Summer—you were much too short and you will be missed!

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