Saturday, August 29, 2009

Home Bound and Happy

Nice Saturday today. No real pressure to get anything done. I washed a few loads of laundry, kind of picked up a little, but otherwise just hung out with the fam. Finished reading Anne of the Island. Every few years I re-read the Anne books and this seems to be the year for it.

I think Harrison enjoyed just hanging out today. By the end of summer, especially after he had been home for more than a week with little to no contact with other kids, he was stir crazy and was begging for someone to play with. Today, he just hung out, played video games, watched some TV, and we read books and played. He spent a good bit of time entertaining himself while Robert and I worked on our choice projects for the day or while we just lazed about. I think that seeing kids all week long is going to make it easier for him to not need constant companionship on the weekends. Besides, when we go to church on Sundays, he’ll get to see his friends there so really it’s only one day of no other kids.

I hope to have some videos posted pretty soon. Harrison has learned a song about pirates at school that he goes around chanting so I want to get it up. I’ve also got some audio files on my phone that I need to figure out how to post as they are painfully funny. Hopefully soon…

This is all scattered thinking, but that’s pretty much the way my brain is working these days. Can’t wait for work brain to settle in and get rid of flaky brain!

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