Friday, August 7, 2009

Time Management Skills Lacking…

Had one of those ‘Oh man, am I really losing my marbles—I can’t believe how stupid I was!’ moments today. I’d like to blame the cold medicine, but really, it’s just that I wasn’t thinking straight. Dummy.

I went to meet one of my coworkers today to get our curriculum mapped out for the next year. I have known about this meeting since before school let out. Have I given two thoughts about what I want to teach next year? Well, maybe two thoughts, but have I actually done anything about it? Made PowerPoints? Formatted handouts in Word and/or Excel? Made demo pieces of artworks I’m going to want the kids to make this year?

Not of one of them.

Worse, I have next week, minus Friday when I will be in a workshop, minus Thursday when I’m getting my hair cut (yeah, I know—it’s not the whole day but really? Am I going to work on that day? Really?), minus Wednesday when I’m meeting with the art department as a whole, minus both Monday and Tuesday since Harrison will be home and you know there’s no working with a five year old around.  So pretty much, this weekend.

The following week, I’ve got inservice in Tuesday through Friday, so I’ll be in my room working some (when I’m not at inane ‘Here We Go With Another Great School Year’ pep talks).

Oy. I want my summer back.

Kind of makes the sewing I had been planning on doing this next week look like it’s not going to happen. Sigh.

On the plus side, we got our year mapped out and I’m pretty excited about what the kids are going to be doing this year. So at least there’s that. :)

Yay. Back to school. Yay.

As a funny side story, I was talking to Harrison the other day about school. I have literally spent my life in one classroom or another, from my own days in kindergarten through college and now teaching. I have told Robert that when I die, I want to be scattered where there are no bells. Anyhoo, Harrison and I are talking about the demise of our vacation time and my voice naturally (to me) tends to go into a more somber, sorrowful tone.

Me sounding depressed beyond repair: “Summer’s almost over, Pal, and school’s about to start.”

Harrison, sounding like I just told him Christmas is tomorrow: “Yay!!!!”

I immediately adjusted my tone because I hadn’t realized how sad-sack it had sounded until I compared it to his youthful exuberance. I wish I still felt the way he does about going to school.

I hope he feels the way he feels now about going to school in a month.

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