Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day is Done

I assume it gets easier to drop my baby off at the Big Kid School eventually. Hopefully, if nothing else, the physical act of dropping him off will get easier—it took me 30 minutes to get out of the parking lot this morning! Some stupid-klutzoid-dumbhead-nognog decided that the week before school started up was the best time to do blacktop repairs to the road right in front of the freaking school. As if dropping your kid off in the morning wasn’t nightmare enough, now it’s a one-lane, one way nightmare. Gah.

But the boy is now Kindergartened. As he told me about his day, I kind of pieced together all the things they did—exploring the room and all its centers, eating in the cafeteria, visiting the gym for PE—and I was truly excited for him. He did mention having to sit “in the chair,” a euphemism that I can only assume is equivalent to Oak Forest’s “green carpet” and the rest of the world’s “time out.” Honestly, I’m disappointed that he had to sit “in the chair,” but I’m not really surprised. He usually pushes his boundaries pretty early on in a new situation and, after a few nights of no TV or video games followed by a night or two of spankings, he settles down and flies straight. I don’t expect this to be any different. He has to know where the outer limits are before he can feel truly comfortable.

He’s really excited about getting to wear whatever he wants. After years of the polo shirts that were the uniform at Oak Forest, he was giddy about getting to wear his Optimus Prime shirt this morning. Add to that his Optimus backpack and brand-new-never-been-worn Optimus shoes, and he was practically dancing out the door. Tonight, while Harrison was supposed to be getting undressed and ready for his bath, Robert and I were talking about how cool it was that Harrison could wear whatever shirt he wanted. Joking around, Robert said, “Heck, he could probably even wear the polo shirts from Oak Forest if he wanted!”

Harrison came running into the room, butt nekkid, and with a look of alarm on his face said, “No collar shirts!”

Guess it’s going to be a while before he wants to wear something like that again. :)

Little Man

Outside the classroom

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