Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Week Almost Over

Oooooh, sooooo tiiiiiirrrrreeeddddd.

I am not going anywhere this weekend.

I love going places and visiting people, but I’m so drained from running for the past few weeks that I don’t know how I’m still functioning. (Hint: I think it has to do with lots and lots of coffee…) I want to stay home this weekend, clean up the house a little bit—the floors have been neglected for a while—and I want to sleep. Maybe hit church on Sunday, but only if I’m rested up enough for it.

Harrison did much better today at school. He got a positive note, so that’s cool. I’m hoping that he won’t have to go through the full blown boundary exploration this time and can just do the Cliff’s Notes version. Surely a kid as smart as he is can figure out that the rules don’t really change that much from classroom to classroom, teacher to teacher and school to school. He said to me yesterday after he got done with his litany of transgressions for the day, “Mommy, I’m just going to have to stop being so curious.” I replied that I didn’t want him to stop being curious, as that’s what makes life interesting and that’s how he’s going to learn about things, but, for goodness sake, couldn’t he please learn which behaviors were considered misbehavior?

School continues to be sailing fairly smoothly. The kids are pretty cool this year and I don’t have anyone yet who seems to be a total turd. Usually by this time, I can tell who my ‘You can’t tell me anything, I’m just here for the credit and I don’t care” kids are, but I don’t seem to have any of them. Or at the very least, the ones who are just there for the credit seem to at least have a personality that wasn’t borrowed from a sociopath.

So yeah, good classes, good kid, happy husband (we got the yard work done—now Robert doesn’t have to do it!), sweet baby. My bases are covered. If I can just get some sleep, I’ll be golden.

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