Saturday, August 1, 2009

Easy Like Saturday Morning…

Had a rare easy Saturday today. No birthday parties. No big To Do list. Robert mowed the lawn while I sat with the kids (using that term loosely—Laura slept in the swing while Harrison watched Transformers, so I napped on the couch—you know, “watching” the kids). Aside from that, we just sat around, listening to the rain. Part of me feels like we wasted a perfectly good, albeit very wet Saturday on which we could have done a whole list of things. But the other part of me—the sane part of me—says this was exactly what our overloaded, overworked family needed. Harrison was bored out of his skull, but we worked on some finishing things for his Summer Swap and that took care of that. Laura, as always, chilled.

Debating church attendance tomorrow. The girl who normally watches Harrison is out on vacation and her cohort is out with a sick grandfather, so both kids would have to sit with us. Laura, of course, usually stays with us, but Harrison’s attention span is exactly as long as you would expect from a five year old boy. I’ve got a few new games for him on my iPhone, but I hate the idea of him playing games the entire time we’re supposed to be getting spiritual enlightenment. Besides, we’re all kind of beat from the rat race we’ve been calling our lives lately, so it might be nice to not have to rush out of the house in the morning.

I think we’re just going to kick it here at the house with coffee and molaches (kolaches, in Harrison-spoke-cute-once-upon-a-time-speak).

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