Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Anti-Guys’ Night

The boys got together tonight, much as they do every month, to fake-kill each other through means both electronic and card based. I usually hang out with the kids by myself on Guys’ Night, eating whatever and doing a lot of nothing. I had thought at times that the girls in these relationships—the Guys’ Night Widows, as it were—could get together and do some kind of girly thing, but had never done so.

Tonight, Liz brought Margaret and Amy brought cheesecake (!) and we decided to have an Anti-Guys’ Night. We didn’t do anything fancy—just hung out, ate food and watched the kids play—but it was nice. I’m kind of misanthropic by nature, but I really enjoyed myself. Maybe I enjoy other peoples’ company more than I think? It was nice to have someone other than a five year old and a five month old to talk with and definitely cool that these older playmates wanted to do something other than play Lego Star Wars.

The kids got on well, as well. Harrison is always happy to have someone to play with, even if that someone is only one and isn’t fully capable of all the things he likes to do. Besides which, Margaret is an explorer who likes to test out her new environment and my son is a tattletale, so they were perfectly matched. :)

I’m looking forward to next month!

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