Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yellow Fever!

Yeah, yeah, we all know I’m tired. What else is new? I’m seriously beginning to wonder if I don’t have some sort of chemical imbalance. Might explain my mood swings, too. I think I’ve got a girl doctor visit coming up—I’m going to ask if it’s normal to always be this tired or if she thinks there’s something up with me. She’ll probably just say something like, “Well, duh, Amy—you’ve got two kids, one of whom is a baby. Suck it up!” But we don’t know until we try, do we?

On a more positive note, Harrison took his first belt test tonight and has advanced to yellow belt! I know it’s kind of a gimme—we pay them the $25 for the belt test, they advance him if he half does it right since it’s the very first test. Nonetheless, I’m very proud of him and very proud for him. He was very excited about it and whooped and hollered pretty much the rest of the night. At supper, he told me that his new favorite color is yellow, which is a pretty big change of heart for a little boy who has favored red the bulk of his very short life.

He’s in his bed now, dreaming of Ninja Camp (a real thing!) and fighting with nunchucks.

Harrison gets his yellow belt!

Ah, to be a kid again and be so excited about something.

Speaking of which, school’s out next week! Talk about getting me excited!

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