Friday, November 6, 2009

Stink Weed

We went to the wedding rehearsal tonight. Robert, in his third trip down the aisle as a Best Man, seems unflappable. Harrison, poised to be the “Ring Barrier,” is pure excitement. Looks to be a good show tomorrow. :)

The girl is getting huge. Here she is in her ‘coming home from the hospital outfit.’ She is, I believe, three days old. I’ve slept since then (not a lot, but still…), so I’m not entirely sure.  I made this wrap-back dress with the intention of her being able to wear it beyond her first month or so, which most newborn clothing doesn’t get to do. She was swamped in it, but beautiful, nonetheless.

Three Day Old Laura

Here she is today, two hundred forty-nine days old (or eight months—whatever), in the same dress, which is now being worn as a tunic with brown leggings and the Mary Jane socks she also wore home from the hospital. The socks were huge on her then. They do not so much fit now, but I still shove them down on her feet because 1) they fit better than the infant socks she has completely outgrown and 2) I’m harboring the dream that she’ll be able to wear them forever since they are so stinkin’ cute!

Two Hundred Forty-Nine Day Old Laura

And the gratuitious ‘Mommy ‘n’ Me’ shot at the wedding rehearsal.

Mommy and Laura

Dang, it’s tough having such cute kids.

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  1. So fun---seeing the same dress on a newborn and now on an 8 month old! Thanks for sharing.