Thursday, November 5, 2009


Much as I hated hearing teenagers say how random something was two years ago (thank God that verbal tic has passed!), I figured a random gathering of my thoughts would be better than me spending a lot of time fleshing out one idea.

What? I’m lazy.


I wonder if the actors on Heroes (from which I am taking a very short break to meet my self-imposed deadline of midnight for posting) feel silly when they’re filming a scene where they have to use their power and they have to make ‘the face’ (Hiro’s poo grunt, Matt’s crazy eye stare, etc) without the help of the ‘mood’ music that accompanies the shot in the final version. I would totally feel like a doof if I had to do that. Guess it’s good then that I’m an art teacher and not an actor.


My favorite students are often my special ed students. They are, hands down, the most enthusiastic people in the school. What they lack in skill, they are overloaded in gumption and just-plain-HAPPY! The best part is that actually want to be there, as opposed to the ‘regular’ kids who feel duty-bound to tell you on a regular basis, “I’m only here for the credit, miss. I hate art.”


The boy had to do extra pushups and sit-ups at karate tonight. I didn’t feel a bit of sympathy—in fact, when he told his teacher that he had been bad at school today and she suggested the pushups, I’m the one who suggested she tack on the sit-ups as well. Evil mom, maybe. He knows, though, that aside from his classroom teacher and Mommy and Daddy keeping an eye on him and his behavior, his karate teacher is doing the same. It really does take a village to raise a child and I’m making use of every resource I’ve got.


Tomorrow’s Friday. At the risk of sounding like every other yahoo out there who TGIFs their way through life, I’m really glad. It’s going to be a busy weekend—we’ve got a wedding Saturday, so we’ve got rehearsal dinner tomorrow night—but I’m just ready for the break. More importantly, I’m ready for the Thanksgiving break in a few weeks.

All in good time….



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