Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bunco Babe and the Feasty Boy

So the boy got to eat at his Thanksgiving Feast at school today. I totally worried that he wouldn’t get to since I didn’t send the money required for it until the day of the feast, regardless of the dozen or so flyers sent home during the weeks leading up to today. SuperMom—that’s me!

Went to BUNCO tonight at Mechael’s house. Didn’t win squat, but had a good time visiting with the girls. I don’t often get to see the Dub-Town folks anymore since I’m in Longview now, so I usually really look forward to my monthly gathering.

Heading to bed now since my contacts are so foggy I can’t see through them anymore. That’s usually my clue that I’m too danged tired to do much else for the night.

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