Monday, November 30, 2009

Book is Done!

Got my New York trip book done. Would have it uploaded and ordered, but the Picaboo folks don’t seem to have their computer-operating-end of their business working right now. I’ve used them several times now—this is my second picture book with them and I also did Laura’s birth announcements through them—and, while working on the item is usually not a problem (and in fact is pretty fun and easy, usually), the ordering end is always fraught with trouble and frustration.

I guess because I’m married to a computer guy who takes care of business when servers are down and such, I just assume that other computer-based businesses do the same. Maybe they just don’t know how. I don’t know. I do know that it’s very frustrating.

The problem (this time) is that they are running a big sale—buy one, get one free—and so lots of people are taking advantage of it. I mean, I am. Why wouldn’t everyone else? Today was the last day of the sale and so they have had people pounding their servers, uploading books and cards for purchase.

It just seems to me that they would take into account that this kind of thing happens. You have a sale, you have the end of it and people are going to rush in to it. You’d think that they would make sure that, technologically, they were ready for what they had to know was going to be a major influx of purchases.

On the plus side, the did extend the sale price to me through tomorrow, so I’ll be trying it again after the cyber-dust settles a bit.

I really do like their product. The books are beautiful, the cards were probably the best I’ve ever seen, birth-announcement-wise, and they have more layout choices for their products than anyone else on the market. Semi-buggy software and unprepared servers are a small price to pay for something as nice as what they offer.

But if they’re looking, I know an awesome internet company that could get them up and running in ways that they never would have imagined. ;)

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