Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Turkey Day Is Upon Us

Got the turkey done (thanks, Bob!). Near done getting the office cleaned and organized. Have pretty much neglected the rest of the house, but I figure I’ll hit it in the morning and it will be fine by the time folks get here for late lunch. (Lupper? Sunch?) We’ve been having Thanksgiving at our house for so many years, I just don’t bother worrying about it anymore.

Now to head to bed, get some rest and get charged up for the day-long marathon that is our holiday. Counting my blessings, including my wonderful husband who I love more each day, my beautiful children without whom I cannot imagine existence, and the health and wellbeing of my family, both immediate and extended. Wishing those further away could be with us, but glad that they are making their lives where and how they are. So grateful that we have enough to eat, a roof over our heads and jobs that keep us busy (and solvent!).

Wishing the happiest of Thanksgiving Days to everyone out there!

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