Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Tangled Web

So obsessed.

I’m fixated on this new thing I’ve found. I say ‘new,’ but it’s something I've been doing for years with no official name. They call it ‘Zentangling.’ I call it ‘Glorified Doodling.’

Which sounds like I don’t have any respect for it. I do, however, have great respect for it. It is simple, yet looks super complicated. It is amazing in its ability to relax your brain and allow you to ‘Zen out.’ It’s as portable as you want it to be—I’m working on a 12 x 15 inch piece of mat board, but the ZT folks sell 4 x 4 inch tiles. They also have examples of people doing it on all manner of things—shoes, walls, floors, whatever.

I’m so in love with this.

Harrison is digging it, too. He helped me on a few spots on my current piece and I can see setting him up with a piece of mat board and a marker and letting him go crazy pretty soon.

Yay for pattern! Yay for texture! Yay for doodling!

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