Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I’ve enjoyed spending the last two days with Harrison at home. He and I have hung out, watched a little TV, read and just lazed around the house. We finished the fourth Magic Tree House today (Pirates Before Noon, I think), and he got the stamp for his MTH Passport. Incidentally, if you don’t know about the MTH, do go check it out. I guess because I worked at bookstores for so many years, I just knew that they existed, but many of my friends with kids and grandkids don’t seem to know about them, so here’s your heads-up! Basically, it’s a series of stories in which a brother and sister go to this magical tree house in their local woods and transport themselves to different times and places to see things throughout history. So far, we’ve ‘traveled’ to the Pleistocene era to see dinosaurs, to the middle ages to see an English castle, to ancient Egypt to see a mummy and to the Caribbean to see pirates. Tomorrow, we’ll be visiting ancient Japan and some Ninjas, so that should be cool. At an average of 60-70 pages, they’re chapter books, but they’re quick reads so you don’t get so bogged down in story. The writing’s a little fragmented, but I overuse hyphens and parenthesis, so who am I to complain?

In other news, Harrison also got to read a few emails—and send a few!—with his new Kido'z browser. There are five or six queued up right now, waiting for him, so I know that will excite him in the morning. His only problem with the emailing (which I figured would happen, but hope we’ll find a way to circumnavigate) is that he is constantly trying to run and check his inbox. He only gets a limited amount of time each day, but if he sees me checking my mail and approving something from someone, he then wants to go, boot up and look at it. Definitely going to have to instill the ‘once a day’ rule with him, I think. Or maybe I should just check my email less throughout the day and set a better example….

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