Sunday, November 8, 2009


Taking a [very short] break from grading papers to post for the night.

Good grief, I hate grading papers. I really enjoy teaching. I even enjoy the teenagers. (It would take a whole heck of a lot more money than what they pay if I didn’t like the kids, that’s for sure!) But I detest the paperwork part of teaching. Always have. Fortunately, now that I teach Art instead of English, my lack of getting stuff graded until the very last second isn’t as big a deal.

I should have been grading all day today, but instead, I got caught up on some rest after a particularly carby evening (wedding food—don’t ask) and spent some much needed play time with my family. Harrison and I read together, Laura chased me from room to room like the little baby commando crawler she has become and Robert and I were finally able to sit and talk for a few minutes uninterrupted. It was nice.

It’s almost definitely worth staying up late to get this stuff done just so that my son, at blessing stone time during dinner, could say, “I’m grateful because Mommy played with me today.”

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