Sunday, September 6, 2009

Support Jerry’s Kids!

Watching the MDA telethon with Jerry Lewis tonight. Man, Jerry’s looking pretty good for 83. About 10 years ago, my mom saw him in a hospital down in Houston, I guess getting some tests run or something and she said he was looking pretty rough. Glad to see that he’s apparently doing better. 

I remember when I was a kid in Houston, my mom worked the local telephone bank for the telethon one year. That was back in the days that if you were plebian, there was no real chance for you to be on TV unless you made the 6 o’clock news for something pretty terrible. The idea that we could see flashes of mom on the TV, answering phones in the background, seemed pretty exotic to us kids. Nowadays, you can’t even see the phone bank on the show—just the performers and the screen telling how much they’ve made. Somehow, this has taken away a little bit of the magic of the show for me. It’s still a worthy cause, though, so I guess I’ll forgive them the changing of the times.

In other news, we went to Canton with the kids today. Weather wasn’t terrible—definitely better than the 100+ temperatures of summer—but we’re pretty much an inside family so even low 90s was more than we could handle for long. The kids were hot, but we kept them pretty well watered up and they came through well enough. Harrison got a bag full of “Ninjan Mutant Turtles,” Laura got a tie dyed onesie and a Cookie Monster purse (for future use—a girl can’t start collecting purses early enough!) and Robert and I got hats. The guy selling me my hat tried to claim that it was made by some Amish folks, but the label on the hatband said “Made in China.” It irks me that people feel it necessary to imbue something with a fake story to make me want to buy it. It was a nice hat—very large, will be great for gardening—and I would have bought it regardless of its maker. I actually did buy it regardless of it’s maker. So why do they have to give me a line? Salesmen. Sheesh.

Really glad to have tomorrow off. I’m needing to get recharged before heading back to work on Tuesday. I’m just almost back into my groove, but I think this little bit of break will be a big help in getting fully up to speed.

Alas, I don’t have the energy of an 83 year old man who is staying up for sick kids all night, so I’m hitting the hay.

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