Friday, September 4, 2009

Almost blew it…!

For the first time in over two months, I almost forgot to post! Yikes!

Cody came over for supper tonight. We’ve been sitting around, watching The Sopranos and just enjoying the idea that there is no work tomorrow, Sunday or Monday. Life is good when you face a three day weekend. (As a side note, man! I miss The Sopranos! That was such a good show!)

School was pretty good. The kids are coming along nicely on their sculptures, and I have high expectations that some of them are going to be really good. It excites me to see the ideas these guys are coming up with. Very creative, both in the ideas themselves and in the realization of those ideas into tangible forms.

Harrison got to see the end of a pep rally this afternoon, so he’s ready now to come to high school for good. He thinks it’s all about girls jumping around in short skirts, the band playing loudly and getting to scream as much and as loudly as you want.

Which, in retrospect, sounds vaguely similar to the high school experience that many of my students have come to expect. :)

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