Saturday, September 5, 2009


Had a good day relaxing with the fam today. The boys went to see G-Force, which Harrison proclaimed awesome. While they were out and Laura napped, I got caught up on reading two weeks of Ottobre emails (digest of a Yahoo group so most of the "emails" had 25 posts to read). After finally skimming and getting the salient points, Laura woke up and she and I played in her room. She is getting so dextrous! She's starting to sit up, usually with minimal support. As long as she's got the Boppy or my leg to lean back against occasionally, she will sit up, lean forward and grab something, and return to her upright position pretty skillfully. She still can't get herself upright on her own, but if you sit her up, she's good to go.
After the boys got back and Harrison had a nap, we went out in the backyard and played croquet. Neither of them had ever played before. I, on the other hand, spent the better part of my Junior year playing during PE class. It beat the heck out of watching kids shoot baskets from the stands, which was what I did Freshman and Sophomore years. (Why, again, do I have weight problems?)
The mosquitoes tried to carry Harrison off, but the rest of the family went pretty much untouched. He seems to be the dish of choice around here so he sometimes gets put into the position of sacrificial lamb. He handled it well, though, and after my patented Mommy Care, his bites disappeared, even to the one on the tip of his nose.
Tomorrow we are heading to Canton to see if we can spend any money. I'm betting we can. ;)

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