Thursday, September 24, 2009


I stayed home with the girl today. She was “sick,” so they tell me, but to see her playing, you’d never believe it. If she wasn’t laughing, she was playing and when she was doing neither of those, she was eating or sleeping. Fever, schmever—the doctor said she had a virus, but I think she’s teething. The poo is of a slimy/playdoughy texture (yeah, tmi—I know). She is drooling a good bit. She coughs from time to time, but I think it might be drainage from all the danged drooling she’s doing. We do know it’s not the flu, so I’m grateful there, but really, she hasn’t had another fever spike since Robert picked her up from daycare on Wednesday afternoon.

She talked tonight, though, so that’s pretty cool. (Yeah, why didn’t I lead with that, right?) I was walking into the room after taking the boy to karate class (good class tonight—side kicks!), and I said something to Robert. As soon as she heard me, she turned her head and said, “Mama,” much to the amazement of me and mom (who is visiting tonight—long story). The boys were a bit blasé about it all—Robert claims to have heard her say it before and Harrison doesn’t really care—but I was pretty stoked about it. Sure beats Harrison’s “Duck” first word talking. :)

Now off to bed to get up at the butt crack of dawn to drive to Dallas in the morning to take my kids’ sculptures to the State Fair. I’m really excited about entering these works in the contest and I hope to have good news to post tomorrow! Just wish I didn’t have to be up sooooooo early to be there by 9 am. Sigh.

Off to bed!

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