Thursday, September 3, 2009

A few words before heading to bed…

Will I ever get used to this new schedule? I’m sure I must, but it’s driving me crazy in the meantime. If I’m not in bed by 11 PM, or midnight at the very latest, I am absolutely useless the next day. To make sure Harrison catches his bus, we leave the house by five minutes after 7 AM. I have done well, time-wise, the past two weeks, but I worry about what’s going to happen if I loosen up my grip any. I don’t want the rope of my time zipping through my hand, giving me a metaphorical blister.

I think the worst of it all is that I just don’t have any time to myself anymore. Not that I had loads of time alone this summer, but now with classes back in session, I’ve got even less. Probably the fact that I didn’t get a lot of ‘me time’ has made it that much worse because I didn’t get my batteries fully recharged. I enjoy spending time with the kids and I enjoy spending time with Robert, but I just wonder if I’m ever going to get any time to unwind on my own ever again.

Maybe next summer.

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