Thursday, September 17, 2009


Harrison started karate tonight. I’m cautiously hopeful that he’s going to take to it well. As noted in the swimming lessons this past summer, he has a tendency to play around while being instructed on stuff and I can see that that could become a problem here, too. However, I think that the folks running the classes will put up with far less tomfoolery than did the sweet young girls who taught at the pool. So maybe he’ll learn some self discipline while he’s learning self defense.

He seemed to have a pretty good time for most of the night. Toward the end of the lesson, he started to get upset that he wasn’t allowed to get up and move around, but aside from that he was cool with it all. This is only the second round of classes he’s ever taken outside of school. I don’t know that he has the self control to stay on task for an entire hour yet. However, the lure of the gi seems like it might be good incentive for him to work.


Part of his ‘homework’ for karate is that he has to make his bed every morning, keep his room clean and do 10 reps each of sit-ups and pushups. Failure to do these things will result in having to do extra pushups at class. I’m not sure how that’s going to pan out with a five-year-old, but we’ll see. I think I might try to do the sit-ups and pushups with him, but probably won’t be making my bed every morning and keeping my room neat.

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