Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back in the Grind

Glad this is a short week, since I’m only one day in and I’m already getting tired. Maybe if I would get off my rear and get in the bed at a decent hour… Sigh.

Had a pretty uneventful day. Kids at school were not terrible—some were even pretty good. Got the stink eye from my boss about not getting prior permission to enter my kids’ works in a competition, but I guess that one is my own fault so I’m not going to complain too much over it. Harrison got good remarks on his behavior at school (hallelujah!), but I forgot his backpack in my classroom, so we’ll need to get it before he catches the bus in the morning. That’s doable, I think.

Went to the library this evening while hubby watched the kids.

I love the library. I love that it’s (mostly) quiet and you don’t have to feel compelled to talk to people, even though you’re in the same room with them. I love that it’s a storehouse of knowledge and that, even were I to read every day, I’d barely ever scratch its surface. I love that the people who work there—mostly elderly ladies at our branch, but any gender, any age—never seem to mind my questions and often won’t rest until they’ve helped me find what I’m looking for. Many’s the time I’ve given up on the search for a book, headed to the checkout line and had one of them run up to me with book in hand, triumphant and glorious.

I think it’s the same thing I experienced when I worked at Hastings and later at Waldenbooks in the mall. Any fool can and does go into the music section of the store (or into the music store next door at the mall). Folks don’t often venture into book stores unless they are readers, at least to a certain extent. Even if they’re there for the latest installment of some crap writer who just regurgitates the same story over and over and over (I’m talking about you, Danielle Steel! And you, foundation of writers who took over for V.C. Andrews when she died! And every romance/western/special ops/etc. serial novelist out there!), at least they’re reading! At least words pass in front of their eyes, travel up to their brains and are in some way comprehended. You don’t get a lot of that at the music counter.

I loved helping someone find the perfect book and I think the librarians at my local branch love helping me find the knowledge I seek. It’s as simple as that.

Now to read. Or actually sleep. And read later. Because I love to read (when I’m well rested)! :)

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