Tuesday, May 4, 2010


In a weird, synergistic mixing of fate, two of the blogs I follow touched on some things I found pertinent to my life.

I won’t belabor the reasons that these two essays touched me—anyone reading them with a shred of humanity will probably feel similarly. I was surprised and a bit unnerved to think that maybe I’m not as developed as I’m ever going to be; that I am also growing, still. And the admonitions to use the good stuff really hit home with me. My dear, sweet husband can attest to the fact that I’ve got years and years (and years and years…) of crap nice things that I’m not using. I don’t know what signal, what important event I’m waiting for to use them, but I’ve been kind of compelled to do just that lately.

Mostly, I just wanted to share these beautiful thoughts with others. I’d like to help others know that the journey is far from over and that they should enjoy every glorious detail along the way.

I know I plan to.

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