Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ironclad Awesome

Had an unplanned but very pleasant date night tonight. Robert decided to break out of our daily grind and take us to dinner and a movie. I, exhausted from the still-nascent week, tiredly agreed. A Smashburger with smashfries and a Hagen-Daaz shake followed by some Iron Man 2 action later, I’m still freakin’ tired, but man, I had a great time! Love that my honey still knows how to surprise me and keep things from grinding us both down to a worn out nub. :)

In other news, I got a few yards of some beautiful fabric that I fell in love with last month at Sewing Club. I was heartbroken when I couldn’t find it last night at meeting but when I called today with a product number and a description, they went right to the shelf and got it. I’ve got some skirt plans brewing; now that I’m working in the office area this week, I’ll have room to lay it out and cut it, as well as actually sew it very, very soon. Yay! I’ve not sewn anything (aside from Harrison’s Lowe’s patches) in almost four months. I think it’s time…

So, off to shine my sink (my parents, while awesome at watching the kids, are not so much trained in my FlyLady routines), pick out my clothes for tomorrow and head to bed.

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