Monday, May 24, 2010

Final 24 Body Count

I won’t be posting specifics about the episodes tonight in case anyone is avoiding spoilers. Rest assured, things come to those for whom they are destined. People reacted in much the way that I figured they would. There was nowhere near the bloodbath that I figured would happen. It was nowhere near as Shakespearean as I anticipated it would be.

That said, final counts are as follows:

  • Episode count: three, none of whom are attributable to Jack. (What!!!! I know, right?!?) There was an almost-attributable to Chloe and one of the actual might survive with brain damage, but we, the audience, are not sure.
  • Season count: ninety-one, twenty-nine taken by Jack

I’m curious, now, what the counts are for the entire series. If we use this season for an average, and there are eight seasons, that puts us at 728. Jack had twenty-nine this season; over eight seasons he could have logged in 232. Ish.

Guess I know what I’ll be doing this summer…

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