Monday, May 3, 2010

24 Body Count

Dry spell’s over!

Episode 20: 11 am to 12 pm

  • Jack saved G.W.W.F.H.O.H.S. from Toepick and his crew, killing the former figure skating wunderkind and three of his associates.
  • Jack takes G.W.W.F.H.O.H.S. and Scooby into the bank where she is holding her evidence in a safe deposit box. Turns out, there’s a small ignition charge in the box that knocks Scoob off his feet. Very forward thinking of her. It doesn’t kill him, but knocks him out pretty well. On the other hand, when the bank fella who brought them in to the viewing room with their booty returns to check on them, she pops him with her gun, which was also in the box.
  • G.W.W.F.H.O.H.S. calls 911 and gets the police to come to catch Jack. Silly girl—did she really think a few NYPD Blues were a match for Jack Freakin’ Bauer? (No offence to the NYPD—I’m sure they do a wonderful job. It’s just that this is Jack we’re talking about here.) After relieving one of his gun, he shoots the other in the foot so he can escape their clutches and resume his chase for G.W.W.F.H.O.H.S. She sees him and, using a pedestrian as a shield, shoots another pedestrian.
  • In a building that is empty because of the apparent renovations, Jack and G.W.W.F.H.O.H.S. get into a long, drawn out gun battle. Jack finally corners her, gets the evidence he’s looking for and puts the poor, misguided thing out of her misery. I’m pretty sure Scooby is going to have some issues with that when he comes to.

Episode total: seven. Jack’s episode total is five. Season: seventy-seven. Jack: eighteen.

Just for clarification, there might be one more fatality attributed to Jack. When he and Scooby are breaking into the building to save G.W.W.F.H.O.H.S. (so that he can kill her later), they distract the guard stationed on the roof. Jack throws him over a low wall onto an adjacent roof and says something about how he’s out of commission or something. (I’ll be honest, the beer tonight is making actual conversational points float out of my head. I remember what happened, just not what they said about it. :) ) So my point is, I’m not sure how ‘out of commission’ this guy is.

Anyhoo, elsewhere in the episode: Logan the Weasel is proving more and more weasely by the minute. He’s got his guy on the inside at CTU so that he can help the Russians hunt down and dispose of their one big problem—Jack.

And that’s pretty much it. It looks like there’s going to be some pretty squirrely action in the weeks to come. Russian torture. M.E.P.’s wife won’t be very happy to find out that her husband’s murderers were covered up, so that should be interesting. I’m curious as to whether Mr. Blonde will show back up. And dammit, there’s still no Tony! I have faith, though!

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