Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Slice of the Pie

Peaceful weekend at Casa Brown. Aside from taking the boy to Lowe’s for Build and Grow, we pretty much did a lot of nothing. Piddled around the house, cleaning a bit, decluttering, etc. Went to the pool yesterday. Today the kids and I hung out while Robert got groceries. Really, nothing of note happened.

And I’m pretty cool with that. This weekend was one of those ‘slice of life’ times where there weren’t big, dramatic things happening, but rather small, not-important-but-actually-very-important things. Harrison played video games. Laura climbed on anything (or anyone) that didn’t move and felt the force of gravity a few times (from a very low height!). Robert is looking at stars right now. I’m cleaning out fabric scraps so that I can finish working in the office/sewing room. All minor things. All important things in defining who we are.

Tomorrow, another slice will be served up, flavored with kisses, hugs, tears, tantrums, and hundreds of other things.

[Incidentally, I’m not sure why I’m all maudlin all of a sudden. I guess it’s that I finally got a break from work—a real break—and I’m finally relaxed enough to start reflecting on things. Whatever. I’m sure I’ll be back to cranky/dorky soon enough. :) ]

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