Thursday, June 17, 2010

20/20 Achieved!


I can see now.

It’s totally weird. There are individual leaves in the trees. Individual pine needles. Roofs are shingled with individual shingles.

Well, duh, Amy!

Yeah, duh, but it’s amazing the things you don’t see when you can’t see. Contacts never gave me this kind of clarity; glasses never even came close.

Because of the irritation, it feels like I’m wearing contacts. Actually, it feels like I’m wearing old contacts. But I juice them up once an hour, either with the general drops or the steroidal drops that I suppose are going to make my eyes look like Arnold Schwartzeneger’s thighs. At night, I put the soupy, thick stuff in and clock out, wearing my goggles that protect me from scratched corneas and the possibility of sex. I can see that, in the long run, the drops are going to get old, but fortunately, most of them are only for a week or two. It seems a small price to pay to be able to read street signs from far away.

In other, non-eye-related news, Harrison sewed his bag today and it looks fan-freakin’-tastic! I’m really proud of the little bugger. I cut the pieces out and pinned them together, and I drew a line for him to stitch along, but he did all the actual stitching. He also helped with a little bit of the pressing, which made me nervous but he handled it really well. We still need to get a strap on it—I’m thinking of checking Hancock’s tomorrow—and he wants to put snaps on it, which I’ve got in my stash. We should be able to get it finished within the next day, which would be beyond awesome. Who needs crinkled up plastic crappy bags for the library when you’ve got your own Indiana Jones satchel that you made yourself?!?

Off to moisten my eyes and hit the sack. There’re going to be swordsmen (and women?) at the library tomorrow and I need to get rested up before dragging the boy over there.

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