Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Can See Clearly Now the F’ed Up Lens Is Gone

So the lasering went well. I’m already able to see better than I was able to. My eye’s are sore right now and I’m mostly typing this with them closed, opening only to check occasionally when something doesn’t feel “right.” Thank you to all those typing teachers from junior high through high school who drilled home row and qwerty into my brain.

I’m about to put in the last of my five eye drops and head to bed. I napped pretty much from the time I got home until about an hour ago when Robert got me up to discuss my medicine lineup. He’s taken all five of my drops and made me an Excel document that shows all the times I need to put drops in. I truly have the best husband. :)

So off I go. Hopefully, the flap will be more healed tomorrow and I’ll be able to look at stuff for more than five seconds before it gets sore.

Yay for corrective vision!

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