Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pre-Surgery Jitters


Tomorrow’s it.

I’m excited about getting my eyes fixed, but I am just a little bit nervous. Honestly, I’m trying to not think about it a whole lot. I’m supposed to be having the “easy” surgery—flaps as opposed to a big eye scab—but I don’t see any way it can’t suck. (Pun definitely intended…) I mean, seeing will be good, but the laser doesn’t excite me. They give you a muscle relaxant beforehand. I wonder if they could give me two.

In other news, Harrison and I got a little bit of work done on his Man Bag today. He helped iron the fabrics we’re using and I got them all cut to size and I got the seams he’s to sew marked for him.  I’m figuring we won’t be sewing tomorrow (duh), but maybe by this weekend I’ll be up for it. As soon as we get it done, I’ll write up a tutorial for making one—it’s pretty simple and a great project for a beginner. After that, I hope to get a few things done for myself and then maybe go back to showing him how to sew—probably some shorts or pajama pants or something. Lots of straight seams.

Off to bed and my last night with sucky vision!

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