Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First [Non Holiday] Day of Summer!

Got soooo much work done today. Hung hand towel racks in both bathrooms and replaced the arse-ugly bath towel rack in the guest bathroom. Swept and mopped the floors in both and scrubbed both toilets. Counters wiped down. Installed the shower cleaning system thingies Robert wanted me to get. (They’re cool—cleaning robots!) Labeled the shelves in the linen closet as well as Harrison’s toy shelves (and talked him into putting some of his toys in the garage sale—score!). Dropped off some magazines at work and picked up a few things I need for various projects I’m going to make as demos this summer. Headed over to the library for the Scholastic Book Fair, only to find that it doesn’t start until tomorrow. Sigh. Signed the boy up for Summer Reading Club and let him get a few videos. (He picked science videos aimed at 5th through 8th grade science teachers to teach about the planets and the universe at large. Gah, my kids a dork!) Came home and cooked up Stuffed Squash and Zucchini; I will post the recipe tomorrow—I’m exhausted (really? after all that work?)—but rest assured it was really easy and super awesomely good! Also got the boy’s chore chart worked out so that he can start earning his allowance again. He is very excited about it because he’ll be getting money again. I am very excited about it because maybe now he’ll do his chores without me having to gripe at him constantly. Loved on the baby a little and talked to Robert a little.

Oy, but my feet hurt!

Happy kickoff to summer!

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