Friday, December 11, 2009

Bob and Larry Go Blue

Ok, this thing has been covered more extensively (and probably more humorously) than I’m capable of doing here, but I just had to share this fun little story.

My parents came to watch the kids last night while Robert and I went out to a function for one of his customers. They brought with them, as they often do, goodies for the kids because what else is a grandparent for if not to buy lots of crap the kids don’t need? I start pulling stuff out of the bag and ‘Oooohing’ and ‘Aaaaahing’ over them, as a properly brought up, gracious Southern girl is taught to do.

And then I got to this.

I giggled a little because, I mean, come on. Look at it!

My dad, clueless, loveable guy that he is, says, “What, do you already have one?”

Um, well, I guess you could say that. ;)

I turned the package to the side, alternating the angle of the, um, member.

Dad turned red and started stammering about how you’re supposed to frost them to look like vegetables and that it’s all in how you present them and, good grief, what a dirty mind I have!

Mom laughed so hard that she literally fell down on the floor.

My only regret is that Cody and Amy got married a month ago. How much fun would this have been at Amy’s bachelorette party?

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