Friday, June 26, 2009

The Queen of the Dorks

And I’m cool with that.

I’ve got to be the only person on the planet who complains about having to drive a convertible. I’ve been driving Robert’s Mitsubishi Spyder for a year now and, while it’s awesomely cool, it’s also awesomely small and awesomely uncomfortable. I had a Sebring back when I was in college and I loved it. LOVED it. I drove an hour one way five days a week to and from school in Nacogdoches. I put a ton of miles on that car, and they were well enjoyed.

But here’s the thing about convertibles: they’re weather dependent. During the spring, they’re wonderful because you can put the top down and get all the fresh, springy air. During the fall, you can put the top down and get the nice, crisp air. Winter, though? Wet, cold and not very realistic. And summer,? In East Texas? As long as you’re moving, it’s not terrible, but riding around town is like driving through a convection oven. The heat from the air isn’t enough—the concrete sends up its offerings, too, so you don’t feel like you’re missing something. The thing is, spring and fall are so short in East Texas that it’s just not worth the bother to have a car whose specialty is negating your air conditioning.

So we’re getting rid of the Spyder and replacing it with a minivan.

The best part, though, is that never more will I have to carry Laura in her (very, very heavy) car seat/carrier through a (very, very) hot parking lot in the summer because I can’t fit the stroller into my car. I cannot stress the level of giddy this news brings me.

The thing is, I’m not so vain that I have to have the cool convertible to feel good. I’d much rather have something I’m comfortable in that carries everyone I want to carry with me. I’m also not so fatalistic that I think this is the last convertible I’ll ever have. I had one in college, I’ve got one right now (at least, until tomorrow morning!) and I know that when I’m ready, I’ll have another one. It’s just a car. There’s not anything special you have to do to own one—just give the guy who owns it some money.

I can handle that.

For the record (to make this kid-related), when I took Laura to the hospital today for her kidney testing (after walking through the very, very hot parking lot), she did great. She was bubbly and cheerful in the waiting room, while drinking her bottle and right up until they put the catheter into her. Then she screamed. A lot. Turned purple, she screamed so much.

But preliminarily speaking, it looks as if the reflux they thought might be in her kidneys isn’t there. They’re looking at the results more closely right now, of course, and the specialist in Dallas is also looking at them, but on first peek, it looks good. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that this is the end of it and that we don’t have to worry about it any more.

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