Saturday, June 27, 2009

Marshmallows and Birthday Cakes

Went to Ben’s birthday party today. Pool parties are fun, but boy did we feel the East Texas heat. Harrison had a great time, though. He got to get some practice in before his swimming classes begin on Monday. I think he’ll do fine—he was flipping over from front to back and seemed to be figuring the basic mechanics of the process out. He even got pretty good at kicking his way across the pool using the kick board. Robert stayed out of the heat with Laura, which was cool (in all the ways that word entails). She didn’t get to wear her new apple swim suit, but we’re planning on going swimming at the lake later next month, so she’ll get to wear it then. We’ll probably also go swimming with the kids across the street, so maybe she’ll get to wear it then as well.

I also got my new van today!!!! Robert got up early and went all the way to Shreveport to trade in the Spyder for my new automatic-doored van (I’m drawing a blank on what kind it is—it’s the kind I had before, but the nicer kind with self-opening and –closing doors, among other things). I love it! It’s white, so I fully expect my family to call it a marshmallow since that’s what they call white cars. I’m ok with that. It’s a BIG marshmallow. It’s a minivan in the most general sense of the word—it seats seven and all the passenger seats (excepting the shotgun seat, of course) fold down into the floor. I had that on my last van and used it all the time, so I know I’ll be using it with this one. When Harrison saw Robert drive up with this van and saw what the doors do, he ran into the house where I was feeding Laura and said, “Mom! Daddy got a robot van!”

Got to start thinking about Harrison’s birthday party in a few weeks (outside the very general plans we’ve already made). Any ideas?

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