Sunday, March 8, 2009

Laura’s Baby

We finally got home from the hospital Wednesday afternoon and spent the better part of the day just piddling around. The next day, Robert got up, took Harrison to school and we repeated the lazy day of sleeping when Laura slept, eating and not really doing much else. (In a way, we were kind of newborns ourselves.)

At some point on Thursday afternoon, we found ourselves in Laura’s room with her wide awake so we started showing her the stuff in there. She was taking it all in with silent, wide-eyed wonder; I can only imagine the internal dialogue going on in there at seeing purple, lavender and pink camouflage walls. In her crib, we have a baby-safe mirror attached to the rails that has all kinds of rattles and toys around it. When he was a baby, Harrison loved playing with this thing.

Anyhoo, we decided to set Laura down next to the mirror so she could see herself and all the toys. She took one look at that baby in the mirror, looked over at us and pooted (it just seems vulgar to call a baby poot a ‘fart’) her surprise.

She’s been wary of that corner of the crib ever since.

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