Friday, March 27, 2009

Harrison’s Song*

Baby Laura wants to play.

Baby Laura doesn’t want to poo-poo because she cries.

Then she wanted to drink some milk.

Then she likes to read Challenge of the Superfriends.

Then she wants to play with me.

Then she likes to color with me.

She wants to play Legos with me.[1]

And Laura and Harrison likes our family.

Me and Laura like to play with the pirate ship and the castle[2] and the costumes. Laura dresses as Wonder Woman and I dress as Optimus Prime.[3]

Then Mommy and Daddy want to have a party with a Bumblebee cake.

Harrison will have an Optimus Prime toy and Mommy will have a grey Transformer toy and Daddy will have a Bumblebee toy and Laura will have a purple Transformer toy.[4]

Then she wants to do some Pincredibles papers.[5]

Harrison has the Lego Star Wars game and Laura has the Indiana Jones Lego game.

Then she wants to play some guitar with me.

The End

* This began as song lyrics, but somewhere around the mention of Legos, he decided it would be better as a story. I’ve retained much of the grammar and the cadence of the sentences. The footnotes, although in Harrison’s first person voice, are my own notes.

[1] Although Mommy and Daddy won’t let her because she would choke on the pieces.

[2] Again, not allowed.

[3] I don’t have an Optimus Prime costume.

[4] Presumably because she’s a girl and that’s what color Transformer girls get.

[5] The Incredibles coloring sheets.

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